Students face parking permit shortages

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1855 Place resident, Kelsey Martin. is just one of the students who didn’t buy a parking permit for her designated lot before school started.

Now, she’s paying the price… in tickets.

Martin was given one option after the 1855 parking lot sold out of permits… park at a student lot 1.3 miles south of her apartment, something that she’s not willing to do.

“It’s dangerous, it’s too far to walk home,” said Martin. “The lot is technically off of the main campus.”

After contacting the Michigan State Police Department and the Office of Institutional Equity to no avail, she’s resorted to parking at the 1855 lot, running the risk of getting multiple parking tickets a day.

One, I feel like it’s just unjust to give someone, a college student, you know $25/each or $50 worth of tickets. And also, ruined my windshield wipers sticking the tickets in.” 

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