Snapchat filters being brought to life

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College-aged adults use multiple social media to document their lives, no matter the app. But, what’s happening on Snapchat is more than just a news feed these days.

MSU student, Nicole Kay, says she uses Snapchat every day.

“Of course, we like to look a little dolled up sometime,” Kay said. “Without it it’s like ‘oh my God, do I really look like this right now’ but, with it its like ‘oh my gosh I look so pretty.” 

She does it using the filters provided by Snapchat. This popular trend has been taken to the next step. Users are wanting to look like their filters and are taking extreme measures to do so. This phenomenon, Snapchat Dysmorphia, was first coined in England, said Dr. Andrew Zwyghuizen.

“Basically, you see yourself through that filter, you start to imagine that that’s the way you should look and you get an unhealthy fixation,” Dr. Zwyghuizen said.

Dr. Zwyghuizen says when this happens, there is usually a much deeper problem. 

“You have to have a very honest conversation with them and say ‘hey that’s not really how people look and that’s not how people perceive you,'” Dr. Zwyghuizen said.  “Life doesn’t come with an airbrush.” 

Even though Kay loves the filters, she can’t imagine changing herself after being inspired by a filter.

“I think it’s crazy it’s Snapchat, it’s a made up filter, you should love yourself the way you are,” Kay said.  

Doctor Zwyghuizen encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin.

“They’re missing out on the reality, people see you, people love the way you look in real life,” he said.

Life is much more real than an app.

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