Recreational marijuana could potentially become legal in Michigan

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Voters in Michigan will get the choice to vote and make it recreation marijuana legal in the upcoming election. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol has officially gotten the approval to get proposal one on the ballot for the November election.

The initiative was approved by the State in May of 2017. Between May and November last year the campaign collected more than three hundred and sixty thousand signatures which exceed the minimal amount of two hundred and fifty two thousand, five hundred and twenty three signatures.

“Up to two and a half ounces on your possession, and up to 10 ounces stored in a locked container at home,” Joshua Honey, the Coalition Communicative director, said. “We arrest more than 20,000 people every year for marijuana possession in Michigan, and 70 percent of those arrests are for a quarter ounce or less.”

But some worry that it will lead to addiction increases in the youth.

“A young man who I was a legal guardian for, died at the age of 19 six years ago as sort of an indirect result to heroin addition. His addition started with marijuana,” Lauren Rousseau said.

Healthy and productive Michigan is the organization against proposal one they fear if this ballot initiative passes, addiction will increase in the local communities.

“Forms that may be attractive to kids like gummy bears, lolli-pops, I am worried about that,” Rousseau said.

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