MSU alum bringing something sweet to East Lansing

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David Yuan is a man with big dreams, dreams that started when he was a boy. Growing up he was the oldest, with high expectations and responsibilities.

“This was really just gods plan,” Yuan said. “The most influence that I got was from my mom, dad, Grandpop.”

David was born in America, but spent ten years of his childhood from age three to fourteen in Indonesia. When he returned, his family created a life in Okemos where he attended Michigan State University to pursue communications. His mother was ready for a change of scenery and was excited to start a new life in Okemos.

“I am so happy that we are here,” Yuan’s mother, Cucu Wangsawihardja, said. “Making friends was hard too, but after we played ball hahaha  I think we just connected.”

Yuan loved sports, and it’s how he found a connection in the American culture. He said American English was very different than Indonesian English.

“The transition was not to bad. Although you know as a kids some things we miss are our friends and the of course the food,” he said.

Yuan turned his passion into a living, creating something for the local Lansing residents and students.

“We are very proud of him and he is the one that can explain it to you,” he said.

He explains it with one word, “Toast.” Not your average bread that you pop in the toaster and throw some butter on. His creation is called ‘Honey Toaste,’ made from scratch, topped with fresh fruit and ice cream.

“I actually told the girls that we will not be getting dessert today, because have you seen them, they are amazing,” customer, Christine Tarkce, said. “We said ‘hey lets try that place out,’ and once we did we actually came back the very next day.”

“They are so friendly and that is part of the reason we came back,” Tarkce said.

His recipe for life was simple, but it took a lot for him to get where he is today.

“You know me being up here, I can only just accredit it all to gods plan you know, I wouldn’t be anywhere without him,” Yuan said.

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