Michigan State University has new rules for mopeds

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Michigan State University’s Police Department has some new rules enforced for mopeds.

In addition to registering your motorized vehicle with MSU, you can no longer park them at the bike racks.

There are designated spots for students to park mopeds. If found anywhere on campus without registration or a permit, vehicles will be ticketed or towed at the riders expense.

Moped registration are 50 dollars per year and moped parking permits are 50 dollars per semester.

MSU senior, Sophia Abromavich, said she is frustrated because she can’t always find a spot to park although she has payed for a permit.

“They didn’t make enough moped parking, so a lot of times there’s no where to park and then, if you park near the moped parking, they’ll give you a ticket. It makes it kind of impossible to ride a moped places sometimes and there’s not moped parking in every parking lot,” she said.

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