Hidden MSU gems

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When it comes to finding the perfect MSU swag items, the Michigan State campus is not short of places that provide them.

However, two particular places on campus may have been slipping under your radar and they’re both located south of campus on Service Road.

The Spartan Linen Services is the branch in charge of doing laundry for multiple departments on campus. But aside from laundry, the linen services has a storefront that carries MSU clothing items in various colors. The store also offers personalized services such as silk screening and embroidery.

A block away from the linen services is the University Stores. Its primary purpose, which is providing inventory and warehousing to campus is, however, not the reason why this place is considered one of Michigan State’s hidden gem.

Its storefront offers a wide variety of Spartan items from clothing to coffee cups to water bottles and jewelry.

Because both these stores order in bulk, they’re able to pass on some discounts to students, faculty and staff, making them an attractive one-stop shop for every Spartan.

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