A new app could change how you check your blood pressure

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A Michigan State University team has created something new that may change the way that people check your blood pressure. Engineering professor Ramakrishna Mukkamala and a team of PhD students have created a simple way to check your blood pressure after years of tests and experiments.

The app was created to simplify the current process of checking your blood pressure. The app requires you to hold your finger on the screen, adjust the lines and hold it down while the app calibrates your blood pressure.

The BP number appears at the top and two graphs calculate the blood pressure prediction.

This idea was created so that anyone can monitor blood pressure using a device that most people can access easiest. Once the app is approved, it may be available for anyone to use.

“This app measures the blood pressure based on the oscillometric method. The oscillometric method is a scientific method which we try to measure the blood pressure,” Mohammad Yavarimanesh, a PhD student, said.

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