When locals speak: Top-rated restaurants in Lansing and what makes them finger-licking good

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Soup Spoon Cafe is located on E. Michigan Ave. They have a 4.6 star rating and are most known for their "colorful & cozy cafe offers homemade soup, a diverse menu of homestyle eats & regional beer."

Between Google reviews, Trip Advisor, Yelp and more, it’s not hard to find out what people think about restaurants in the area, but if you ever find yourself wondering what’s good to eat in the Capitol City, a word from the locals might just help.

Here, we explore four Lansing-based restaurants with 4.6 stars or higher on Google reviews to find out what makes people keep coming back for more. The restaurants include Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant, Meat BBQ, El Oasis, and Soup Spoon Cafe. See the images below to find out more about the restaurants and read what restaurant-goers had to say about them.

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