River Days is an outlet for some Detroiters

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Waking up every morning not having anything on your summer agenda when your mother at work is and just overall being bored with the summer? Then hearing the carnival is coming to Detroit — and it’s free before 5 p.m. on Friday — is good news. 

This past weekend the 12th year of the Detroit River Days carnival took place. There were rides, face-painting, and many other things for the kids to enjoy. 

“Being able to see my kids laugh and play gave me so much joy. Seeing them able to run and play, just being kids is what put this big smile on my face,” Kyra Frailey, a River Days participant, said.”Especially since I am always at work now that it’s summer time.”

“Just seeing black kids being kids is awesome, the smiles on their face bring a smile to my face. Not having a worry in the world, just running around being free,” Demario Hunter, a River Days participant, said.

“River Days can be an outlet for some children. Summer can be hard for people in lower income communities because there is often so much they have to worry about.  

The Detroit community look forward to GM River Days every year, because it’s an outlet for the kids. A way for the to take a breather.

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