Vincie D & The Sensations: one of Lansing’s most vibrant bands, live and in photo

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Almost all of your favorite bands started in the same place, the local scene. But what makes a great local band?

This question is hard to answer. Today, the music industry equates success to dollars and sales. But anyone who’s been to a rowdy show at Mac’s Bar in Lansing knows that 30 college kids can rage harder than a sold-out stadium show.

Vincie D & The Sensations is a Lansing based indie rock band making waves in the local scene. Formed in 2015 by Ian Puzdrowski, Vince Digiorgio and former member Ali Haque, the group is a staple in the East Lansing housing cooperative scene.

From sold-out shows at Mac’s Bar to packed house gigs, it’s clear their passionate fans and boisterous stage presence add up to some of the most freewheeling performances seen on the local scene.

Be a fly on the wall during two Vincie D shows, the first at Mac’s Bar, the second at David Bowie Housing Cooperative in East Lansing. And listen to a performance of their punk-influenced song “Can Opener” live from their practice space.

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