Preuss offers specialty pets in Old Town

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On the corner of Cedar Street and Grand River Avenue, the giant P on the wall above a waterfall marks the location of Preuss Pets.

With a variety of departments from small animals to birds to arachnids, the store employs 65 people. Kirbay Preuss, whose parents, Rick and Debbie Preuss, are the store’s owners, said employees focus on providing a quality experience for pet owners.

Preuss’s grandmother founded the Fish Bowl in Pennsylvania, breeding angelfish for sale. She died in 1999, but aquatic life remains a specialty of Preuss Pets.

“Aquatics is how we were started, and really what we’re known for nationwide,” Kirby Preuss said.

She said the store is committed to protecting natural aquatic life. The story is certified by the Marine Aquarium Council, which promotes humane, ethical and responsible practices.

“Again, this other perception that pet stores are bad, they’re taking away these animals from the ocean,” Preuss said.“Most of our coral we actually grow, and actually because of pet stores and really enthusiastic hobbyists, they’re actually kind of leading the research when it comes to what do we do to help protect these different species.”

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