Lansing launch: small market, big dreams

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Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers-Lonely

Lansing is not a big music market. To be fair, it is not even a market representing one genre. The city sits comfortably in the middle of big and small acts.

However, Lansing has something that is unique:  a trampoline for musicians to grow before taking the next leap.

We have all heard it. Making it in the music business is close to impossible. From the high schooler dreaming of Los Angeles to the clerk auditioning for American Idol, the goal is fame and fortune.

 But is this what “making it” means?

The answer is not easy.

For local artists, making it might mean something completely different. Many would say that Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers and Finkel, both acts sharing strong Lansing roots, have made it. But their stories are not so black and white.

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