Preuss features animals most people wouldn’t want

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People from all over the the United States come to see animals most pet stores wouldn’t have at Preuss Pets in Old Town.

Wonder how did the start of Preuss Pets come about? The unique store has a background story.

“So it started with my mother wanting to start a fish shop. It was something I grew up with, something that I was just around so much and that I was really interested in,” Rick Preuss, the owner of Preuss Pets, said.

If people are looking for certain pets that are uncommon, they come to Preuss. The staff members there don’t just help them find a pet they want, they help them find a pet that is right for them all around.

Preuss does not  have cats and dogs. This store is mainly for people that want exotic animals: rodents, snakes, birds, lizards, spiders, and fish, but not just regular fish, they also feature giant catfish.

Preuss Pets Employee Nikki Mitchell said, “ I always loved animals but the atmosphere was just amazing.”


The employees are very educated about the pets and how to take care of them. Helping people find pets is also about seeing if the pets fit the person’s lifestyle.

“If someone is looking for  a pet we make sure the pet fits them,” Mitchell said. “And not just giving them a pet to have, but a pet that would fit in their life.”

Gabrielle Adams, a Michigan State student , was shopping there and said, “I wanted to go to a exotic  pet store because it has more of a variety of different types of pet and exotic creatures than most pet supply stores and I would like to purchase a exotic pet.”


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