Lansing’s Post Oak Elementary draws students from other districts

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Shannon Line

Post Oak parents and community members take part in meeting for the new construction.

In its quest to keep students from moving away, the Lansing school district is expanding one of its most attractive programs: The Chinese immersion program at Post Oak Elementary.

At Post Oak, half the day is taught in English, and the other in Mandarin Chinese.

Ann Jones, the international baccalaureate program coordinator for Post Oak, said every class has two teachers, one for English and one for Mandarin. They work closely to coordinate curricula.

Lansing schools recently passed a $120 million bond, and part will help Post Oak build an addition. The school is adding seventh and eighth grade, and the addition will accommodate new students.

The addition will include two classrooms, restroom, storage areas and a larger multi-purpose room, which will double as a gym and cafeteria. There will also be security and cosmetic upgrades, said Rob Crowe, project manager of the construction.

Joshua Reed, father of three students, said that the diversity of Post Oak Elementary and its programs is the reason he and his wife decided they should stay within the Lansing school district.

“With more exposure and having more diversity, hopefully they are used to and able to go out into the world and not see differences all over the place, but they see unity.”   -Joshua Reed, Post Oak parent

Reed said he believes that even without the most up-to-date facilities, his children have many, if not more opportunities for growth and achievement in the Lansing district compared to others.

Lansing and surrounding districts in Ingham County participate in schools of choice. Post Oak is slowly seeing an increase in enrollment from outside the district.  There currently are 20 students choosing to come to Post Oak schools from their home districts, Jones said.



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