Parent Information Night: Summer Camps

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Williamston PTSA Summer Camp Graphic-Characteristics of Event by Amanda Poole


It might be cold outside, but the Williamston Parents Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is thinking about summer.

The Williamston Elementary School PTSA Parent Information night, a supposed “one-stop shop” for parents of Williamston Elementary students, will be held April 16, by the PTSA. This event will take place in the Discovery Elementary Cafeteria 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

“Everyone is welcome, no matter what school district their students attend,” said Michelle Eichler, the member of the Williamston Chamber of Commerce who is hosting the event. “The event is amazing, I used to spend weeks online trying to fill my children’s summer. This event makes it all happen in one hour.”

This is the second year for this event, but even though it is just starting out, its popularity continues to grow. Parents are realizing just how much this event helps them and their kids. Emily Bouck, an attendee to last year’s event, said her experience was very positive and that she enjoyed the option to bring her kids so that they could play a role in the decision making.

“I was able to gain exposure to different camps/programming and their offerings and do to so in a more efficient manner than just searching online,” said Bouck. “It also gave my child the opportunity to see the different options for herself so to speak, so she could be involved in the decision making.”

The event is set up like an open house. A variety of summer camp options are posted up around the room for parents and children to look at and learn about. Some camps had activities for the kids to participate in while parents focused on what camp they liked best for their child.

“It was set up like an open house, you could show up and wander around and then leave,” said Melissa Indish, a parent attendee of last year’s event. “It was also nice because I could bring my two children and some of the camps had little activities set up to entertain the kids.”

The majority of the popularity of the event comes from the convenience and timeliness of the whole process. The time it takes for a parent to find the right summer camp for his/her kid, is completely up to them.

“I think we were there about an hour, though if you had specific camps you wanted to check out you could be done much faster,” Indish said. “You simply walked through and gathered info on the camps you were interested in.  You could also sign up so that the camps could contact you with additional information.”

Indish said the event took all the “legwork” out of the process to find a summer camp.

“Such a task would have been quite time intensive, so it was wonderful having it all there in one spot,” Indish said. “The event was in the evening so I was able to attend after work, which was great.  It also presented a few places that I would not have thought to investigate.”

As Indish said, the event helps to give parents a variety of options they may not have ever thought to consider. This wide array of options helps balance the wide variety of kids that go.

“My two kids ended up going to the YMCA Camp last summer, which they both enjoyed,” Indish said. “My son did Camp Pa Wa Pi and my daughter did Camp Hugabee.  I got the information for these camps at the event and was able to speak directly with the YMCA camp director about each program. It was much easier than trying to find the info online.”

Knowing how much the event helped them last year, parents are looking forward to the event this year.

“Yes, again, it takes all the leg work out of tracking down summer activities for the kids,” Indish said. “I was surprised by how many places offered summer programs, there was a good variety.”

Looking at the bigger picture, Bouck believes that this program that is offered to parents and kids is just another example of the quality of Williamston Elementary PTSA.

“I think the Summer Programming Parent Info Night is just one example of the quality programming and activities that the Williamston Elementary PTSA offers to parents and students,” Bouck said.

To learn more about the event and to see what programs will be offered, visit the Williamston PTSA Facebook page at

Williamston PTSA Summer Camp Information Flyer

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