MSU Bakery opens new storefront

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If you usually have to go get breakfast on the go, you may just miss a new stop for students on campus.

It’s called MSU Food Stores, a new place for students to stop by to grab bagels, donuts, breads, and more made from scratch located on the west side of the bakery building.

“The customer┬áservice girls told me that it is the cheapest on campus, its cheaper than Sparty’s,” Lexi Florinki, a bakery employee, said.

Some of the employees work overnights, baking begins at three am and they seem to enjoy it thanks to Rita Lyon.

“Oh my god, Rita is the greatest, Rita is probably like the only reason that I keep coming to work,” an employee said.

“Rita is kind of like my second mother at this point, she is incredible in every way,” an employee said.

The MSU Student employees love Rita, and wouldn’t be there without her.

“It’s just so sad to see them go, they go off and graduate, but some come back to visit me,” Lyon said.

The new MSU Bakery Store will be open from 8 am – 5 pm.

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