Neuroscience club promotes how to keep your brain young and healthy

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The Michigan State University Neuroscience Club held an event at Strange Matter Coffee Co. located in Lansing on Sunday, March 25. The purpose of the event was to highlight and bring awareness to how to keep the brain young and healthy, along with shedding light on mental health.

The event was entitled, ‘Sunday Morning Science: Keeping Your Brain Young’.

Katherine Hagman, MSU Science Festival Assistant Coordinator, said what she wants people to learn from the event.

“Learning a little bit more about themselves, about neuroscience and how to keep their brains healthy,” said Hagman.

Members of the club held hands-on activities at the coffee shop along with on the spot resources and brochures to help their audience get a better understanding of ways to keep your brain young and healthy.

“It is to help spread knowledge of neuroscience in the Lansing area. We’re a neuroscience club. Last week was mental health awareness week so we have diagrams of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and the effects that it has on the brain,” said Neuroscience Club member Kathleen Williams. “We also have pamphlets on how to stay sharp as you get older so that people can help keep their brain healthy as they age.”

Activities also included a live human brain to help teach the audience just what the effects of mental illnesses can have on it.

“Out of today, I just hope that people understand that it’s never too early to keep your brain healthy. There’s so much that can go wrong with the brain,” said MSU Neuroscience Outreach Chair, Kassidy Fifer.  “To mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, there’s so much that can go wrong but there’s so much that you as a person can do to prevent that.”

The MSU Neuroscience club encourages all majors to join, as well as to attend the Fair that is being held on MSU’s campus in April.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct information about Katherine Hagman’s title.

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