MSU students prepare for finals week

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As the semester approaches an end, many students at MSU are preparing for final exams and beginning to put their schedules together for the next school year.

About four weeks are left in the spring 2018 semester and students are starting to sift through their class notes, study and work hard to reach their desired grade.

Thomas Adams, a media and information major at MSU, said he is trying to read over his notes and study in advance to get good grades.

“I’m just studying my butt off, mostly reading notes, going to study sessions, stuff like that,” Adams said.

Many students also have class projects at the end of the semester.

Sophie Fabyan, a creative advertising major, said she will be trying to manage her time with the several projects she will have to complete by finals week.

“Luckily I only have two (final exams), but I’ve been working at them for a couple of weeks already,” Fabyan said. “My advice would be to start early. Do not procrastinate.”

Several other students have different methods of preparing for finals week, including making a final exam schedule and getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

Asia Reynolds, a junior studying human development and family studies at MSU, is taking 15 credit hours this year.

Anna Swanson, a junior communications major, said she creates a schedule for finals week in order to be prepared.  

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