School of choice parents drawn to Mason’s “tight-knit” community

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Madison Loney

Jamie Robinson looks at one of the books at Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co.

Mason residents come and go, just as they do in every city, but some might be considered lifers. Jamie Robinson, who owns Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co., has been a long-time supporter of the city and Mason Public Schools.

“My husband Scott and I both, along with our parents graduated from Mason. Our three children graduated 1999-2003. They are the 5th generation to graduate from MPS,” Robinson said.


Rita Vogel, Mason City Councilwoman

City Councilwoman Rita Vogel says she believes that Mason Public Schools will grow beyond its current enrollment of 4,500.

“Families are most definitely gravitating to Mason,” said Vogel, “we just recently passed a bond to address such needs as overcrowding, future growth and technological needs to ensure everyone has the necessities to succeed.”

The 2017, $69.7 million bond addresses those issues, along with upgrading security and buying buses.

“I think there will always be areas to improve upon, and that’s the beauty of our community,” Vogel said. “Our district does an amazing job at recognizing what those needs are, and executes a plan to provide innovative and productive solutions, often before anyone knows their even was a challenge or concern. Mason’s future’s so bright, we really should be handing out sunglasses!”

Even some parents outside the district love Mason so much that they send their children there through schools of choice.

Sarah LaLonde, a mother who lives in Holt and sends her kids to Mason, said, “I grew up in and graduated from Mason. I rented in Mason for seven years, so my daughter started school there and I worked there. We were ready to buy a house, but as a single mom, I could not afford to buy in Mason. So I bought in Holt. We stay at Mason because I feel safe sending my children there. I love the small-town, tight-knit feel of the community. The people in town are friendly. I feel there are many kids and families with the same backgrounds, morals and beliefs that we have, which has provided my kids with some great, genuine friends. Honestly, we go to Mason more for the community feel and our desire to live back in that community.”

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