Lansing becomes fourth Michigan area to offer Uber Eats delivery service

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LANSING – Uber has taken its freelance-driver service a step further by helping hungry customers receive food from over 50 area restaurants. Customers can now use the same Uber account they use to hail rides to customize food delivery and track their orders.

Uber Eats in Lansing is offering delivery to neighborhoods including East Lansing, Waverly, Southside, MSU and Okemos.

Anthony Sandoval

Mike Cohen, 53, delivers Eastside Fish Fry and Grill on a sunny April 11, 2018.


The app is free to download and is user-friendly just like the ride portion of Uber’s business. Customers pick a participating restaurant, choose their meal, type in the delivery address, pay with a card on file, and receive their meal within the time provided. Uber Eats is also available online at

The service helps restaurants in the Lansing area get more meals out to customers. It also allows them to offer delivery without hiring their own drivers.

Eastside Fish Fry and Grill in Lansing is among the local businesses using Uber Eats. The business also still uses Mr. Delivery, another delivery service like Uber Eats.

Manager Michael Nagahan says the drivers at Uber Eats are efficient and have always been on time.

“We have only had them for about a month so far, so it’s hard to say that our business has been doing better,” Nagahan said. “However, personally, I have noticed more delivery orders coming through.”

Uber Eats has partnered with popular restaurants in the area including new bakery Mitten Raised, Saddleback BBQ in ReoTown and Crunchy’s in East Lansing.

Other businesses have followed the business plan of Uber technology, like Shipt for Meijer and Instacart with Fresh Thyme. Grocery delivery is now systematic and easy from an app, allowing customers to order directly from mobile devices.

The delivery businesses are also creating jobs that allow drivers to make their own schedule that works around other jobs, classes, or their leisure time.

Lansing is the fourth city to join the Uber Eats movement in Michigan. Restaurants in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids are also offering the service as an option for food delivery.

Mike Cohen, 53, has been working with Uber for a month after being laid off as a minister. He now makes his own schedule as a driver with Uber and Uber Eats.

“This is going to be the future,” Cohen said. “I talked to the district manager of McDonald’s a couple days ago, and they said they have doubled their orders since joining Uber Eats.”

Cohen said he loves driving and meeting new people, so he thought it was going to be the perfect fit for him.

“It’s easy to use,” Cohen said. “I get to meet new people and drive around all day and make people happy by dropping off good food. I love it.” 

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