IM buildings to be renovated

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The seeds are planted inside IM West.

Brand new artificial turf is being rolled out and it’s the first time being replaced in the past 46 years.

IM Sports director, Joel Eddy, says the changes are long overdue.

“The surface is very thin which was a tripping hazard,” said Eddy.

Changes aren’t only coming to the floor, but the rafters too.

Upgrades to the turf arena’s ventilation system are underway as well.

Renovations don’t stop at IM West.

IM East will be seeing changes on the second floor with the track.

They will be replacing the ground surface and knocking down the center wall around the track to open up the space.

For a third building on campus, time and renovations have stood still until now.

Demonstration Hall was built in 1928; it was home to the basketball team from 1930 to 1940 and the ice hockey team until 1949.

It currently is used primarily by ROTC and the Spartan Marching Band.

“Students deserve to be able to have spaces that they can go to that are updated, that are new and vibrant,” said Eddy.

The total costs for the IM upgrades are expected to be just under eight million dollars and should be done by this upcoming August.

It’s all part of the healthy campus initiative project.

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