“If you wanna know me, ask!” Chinese student organization deals with cultural stereotypes

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On April 7, Humans of East Lansing, a Chinese student-run media platform that explores stories in the community, hosted an event titled “If you wanna know me, ask!” at the East Lansing Public Library. The purpose of this event was to break barriers and misunderstandings between community groups. The event divided people into four roundtables and invited people from various cultural backgrounds to talk to each other.



Lingfanglu Han

Connor Meston, MSU arts and humanities student


“Just don’t be afraid to learn about other people and ask about what other people are interested in. It’s important to be able to relate from our own life to other people’s life.




Lingfanglu Han

Gabrielle Dowker, East Lansing resident


“I was in my own little bubble… It’s nice to branch out because I probably wouldn’t have met any of these people from today and I probably wouldn’t have learned about their cultures. It’s kind of nice to break out from what you normally do and just get a different perspective on things.”



Lingfanglu Han

Jason Shoup, assistant director at East Lansing Public Library


“I like students came up with their own ideas and how they wanted to run it. I think, from my stand point, there’s no wrong answers about how they want to do it. It’s just great to put international students in a place where really shows them as a great, positive benefit to our community.”


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