How many more ‘winters’ until spring?

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Kathleen Kennedy

April 5, 2018: Icicles are a common sight in East Lansing after consecutive days of clouds, rain, and snow, respectively.

As springtime rolls around, the weather doesn’t necessarily correlate with the season. This spring is no exception. We’ve experienced a few different “winters” already in the short months of 2018.

Everyone is looking forward to warmer spring weather, which is finally emerging at the end of April. Some people like to dress for the weather, but others like to dress for the season regardless of the temperatures outside.

“The snow was so unexpected and unpleasant, but I wear what I want regardless of the weather,” said Paige Ponikiewski, a sophomore MSU media and information major.

Ponikiewski said the snow and rain we’ve had thus far this spring hasn’t kept her from doing things she wants to do.

“The snow is just an inconvenience,” Ponikiewski said.

Le Li, a sophomore business major, doesn’t have a car, so the weather can be a hindrance and makes him more aware of the clothes he wears for the temperatures outside.

“I have to take account of the weather when I’m getting dressed,” Li said. “If the weather is good, maybe I’ll go running outside or go buy some stuff because I don’t have a car.”

“I think the weather we’ve had is typical, and the weather the past couple of weeks has been like winter,” Li said earlier this spring. 

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