Haslett Library Reopens Kiwanis Club Community Room

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The Kiwanis Club of Haslett-Okemos held a dedication of a remodeled community room in the Haslett Library. The Kiwanis Club is a nonprofit organization that creates and works on projects in their communities. The Community Room was created to provide space for classes, groups, projects, and other activities.

The event took place from 6 to 8 p.m. on March 29 and provided food and beverages for the guests. Short remarks were made by the special guests at 7 p.m. Those guests included former superintendent of Haslett Schools Mike Duda, Kiwanis Michigan District Governor Marian O’Higgins and former Meridian Township Manager Jerry Richards.

The Haslett Library has always been a focal point in the Kiwanis Club room for improvement. The Kiwanis Club has been putting in effort to make the library the best it can be.

“Several years ago our Kiwanis club organized a huge drive to relocate our library to its present location, a former school,” said Alanna Harvey, member of the Kiwanis Club of Haslett.

When the Haslett Library was relocated, the decision to remodel the community room was made at first sight, with the club wanting to make a change to the room. Working on different kinds of projects all throughout the community, the club wanted to create a “warm” and “happy” environment for the kids, teachers, and parents.

“The community room was very institutional looking and we wanted upgrades to warm the room.” Harvey said.

With the decision to upgrade on the community room, the Kiwanis Club ran into some problems when working.

“There were numerous delays in regards to the room and it is finally complete. It was painted, A/V equipment installed, sound proofing, display areas created, storage cabinets installed to create a more functional space.” Harvey said.

Somebody who has noticed the big changes in the room was Haslett Library Head Librarian Ann Chapman. Chapman has seen many improvements that the Kiwanis Club Community Room has given to the library.

“One of the biggest and most useful upgrades is the lighting,” Chapman said. “We can now split the room in half with one half lit and the other dark. This is ideal when we show films or have presenters showing slides. The lights, formerly harsh fluorescents, are now dimmable and can be set appropriately for the needs of the various user groups.”

The community room also is used a lot throughout the year. From events to meetings, it is an important room in the library.

“The Kiwanis Community Room is used close to 500 times per year,” Chapman said. “We hold all of our library events there. It is also a free meeting space (with a library card in good standing) available to community groups and organizations which fills a huge need in Meridian Township and Ingham County.”

Chapman also went into detail about the other improvements to the room. Not only has the lighting been fixed, but other tweaks and fixes were made to the room.

“Another useful upgrade is the addition of sound reducing wall panels,” Chapman said. “The room is all hard surfaces and noise can be extreme, for example, when we have 50 people actively participating in our weekly Rock & Read Storytime! The improvements are also aesthetic. The materials used in cabinet and countertop replacement are more in line with the look and feel of the rest of the library.”

The Kiwanis Club of Haslett-Okemos is not new to creating changes to the community. Last year on Dec 19, the club donated Chromebooks to 22 Haslett High School students as apart of their “Chromebook for Kids” project. The club gave out opportunities for students to apply for Chromebooks and they were able to create that opportunity for the students.

The Kiwanis Club will be available in the library to all students and people in the library.

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