Meridian Township Food Truck Rally ready for round two

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On June 30, Meridian Township will be holding its second annual food truck rally at the Meridian Township Municipal Complex. The food truck rally consists of a variety of activities, including live music, food, drinks, and family activities. Last year, the event included over 50 different types of food trucks from all over the state of Michigan.

Last year’s inaugural food truck rally took place during the 175th anniversary of Meridian Township. From fireworks to endless food, the rally will provide different tastes from all over the state.

One of the trucks participating in this year’s rally is Crepes by the Lakes. From Grand Rapids, Crepes by the Lakes features an abundance of different types of crepes. From Nutella Crepes to Fresh Goat Cheese Crepes, Crepes by the Lakes offers 33 different types of crepes. Run by Stephanie Lenhart, her food truck is not inexperienced with these events, as her and her truck were featured at last year’s rally.

“Yes, we have done a rally before. In fact, we did this very food truck rally last year. We expect it to be insanely busy like last year. We are going to try to bring more ingredients this year since we ran out last time,” Lenhart explained.

Another food truck that is featured in this year’s rally is a truck called DavePops. Moving to St. Johns from California last year, DavePops innovated a new way of making popsicles. These popsicles are made from a new process called duBle’. This is a machine that takes out the unhealthy fats and dairy that is found in regular ice cream. These popsicles can be made from things like tea, sodas, fruits, and many other ingredients besides dairy and fat.

The company was founded by Dave Feldpausch, who is not a stranger to food truck rallies.“ I have participated in numerous food truck rallies in California,” Feldpausch said. “I moved here from Cali last year. I did them because they are fun and I was able to serve a lot of people DavePops.”

Besides having various food trucks from all over the state of Michigan, the rally also features a truck right in the city of Okemos. From Scratch Food Truck is a food truck that features gluten-free Mediterranean food. From Scratch participated last year, and will have another go in this year’s rally.

The second Annual Meridian Township Food Truck Rally takes place all day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday June 30.

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