Easter celebrated in downtown Lansing

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A weekend morning at the State Capitol.

“Definitely more quiet,” Gerardo Arredondo of Lansing said.

You don’t see the same hustle seen during the week.

“There’s a lot of people working,” Arredondo said.

“New laws to make,”  Kevin said.

Politicians take the weekend off, leaving Capitol Lawn quieter on the weekends.

“It’s nice having the city to ourselves I guess,” Kevin said.

But on the Saturday morning before Easter Sunday, they share the lawn with some furry friends.

“It’s so much fun having a chance to go see the Easter bunny, getting a chance to chase after eggs and that kind of stuff.”

Whether it feels like spring or not, Paula Rumsey enjoys this community tradition.

“Even though it’s cold out here today, we’re having a blast,” Rumsey said.

Rumsey traveled up from Kalamazoo to volunteer for the Lansing Jayees, a community service organization that hosts this event every year.

“We are having fun today, this is a great event,” said Colleen Burton, Lansing Jaycees board chair. “We usually have around 2000 people so yeah it’s really big.”

Big for the hundreds of children, ages 0-12, all eyeing the same prize: at least one of those 10,000 eggs.

The Easter Egg hunt is a hectic 30 seconds, and a tradition of over 30 years.

“I came here as a kid so this is a nice way to give back, and plus it’s still fun to watch, I enjoy it quite a bit.”

Over a thousand people came out to the event, on a chilling Saturday more suited to a real fur coat.

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