DeWitt Board of Trustees move forward with police and fire millage

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DeWitt Charter Township hasn’t raised taxes is over 40 years. That could change soon.

At the Feb. 26 township council meeting, a resolution was proposed. This would allow special voting for the police and fire millage on the next ballot.

Because the board anticipated a lot of discussion on the issue, Township Clerk Diane Mosier requested the Board wait until the March 12 meeting so the entire meeting could be devoted to it.

DeWitt Board of Trustees discuss the proposal to add police and fire millage to the ballot. Photo by Brandon Mostyn.

“We are here to move the township forward,” Supervisor Rick Galardi said. “We want to be as proactive as possible for our residents, keeping them informed of the decisions we make as a board. We want to hear from the community so we can do what’s best for the township now, and for years to come.”

The board is now tasked in creating a plan that will allow them to educate residents on this increase.

They will meet and speak with organizations and clubs, such as book clubs to give reasons on why they believe this millage is good for the township today, and for future generations of DeWitt.

“In the 28 years I have been here, taxes have never been raised,” Mosier said. “It is now time to to ask the public what they want. Both the fire and police department are valuable services to this community and its time for them to be properly supported.”

Chief of Police Brian Russell and Fire Chief David Dekorte were both in attendance and agreed it’s time to improve public services with this millage.

“We have been wanting this for some time now,” Russell said. “I along with David both believe that this millage will allow us to continue to doing our jobs and help both departments immensely.”

Though the board already has a busy docket, the members agreed they wanted to present the millage to voters as soon as possible.

“We know this doesn’t solve all the problems that we have,” Galardi said. “With that being said, it’s the right thing to do because it’s a good contribution. Our residents should know that these people are not our enemies, and they deserve the support from the community, so they can continue to protect us.”

After the discussion Trustee Brian Ross motioned to adopt the resolution.

“Times are changing,” Ross said. “This is a good for the township moving forward, and helps alI parties involved. I believe the residents will also recognize this and vote to approve of this resolution.”

This proposition offers a submission to the voters of DeWitt Township on the Aug. 7 election. If voted to pass, the millage would be through 2018 to 2025.

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