Lansing nail tech shares 2018 nail trends

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Have you ever been to a place were you can get a pedicure, manicure, wax AND the latest nail trends?  It is very difficult to find a nail shop that caters to all your desires while being sanitary and comfortable. It is all possible at S Nail Lounge, located at 2546 E. Jolly road in Lansing.

DeVinnia Moore

Nail Tech and owner of S Nail lounge, Susan Hoang hard at work.

The S stands for Susan Hoang, the owner and first chair. Her unique technique, clean space and huge selection of nail colors, makes her popular with her clients.

“Many trends now have a lot to do with shaping,” said Hoang: “coffin, square and anything tapered.”

So why is shaping so important?

“You can change your nail color anytime, but if the shape is off there is no turning back,”said Kanisha Thompson, Michigan State University anatomy senior.

Thompson goes to S Nails because of the huge variety and options. Being in the capital city and so close to a college campus, Hoang’s clientele varies from the creative to the conservative. However, she has taken note of what clients are looking for.

“Length is mostly determined by the client and their lifestyle,” Hoang said.

Her conservative older clients tend to get shorter nails, whereas the students get long creative styles. As far as length, there isn’t really a trend. Hoang meets a variety of different personalities, but her students are the most consistent with “trends.”

“I get my nails done every two weeks,” Thompson said.

Although chrome, decals, foils, marble and glitter have been poplar on social media, rhinestones are still in high demand.

“They don’t know so much about the other stuff until I bring it out,” Hoang said. “I still get a high request for rhinestones.”

Hoang is very picky with her selection of stones. Let’s just say the company she orders her rhinestones from is a well know crystal jewelry company, which she didn’t disclose for competitive reasons.

One way nail technicians stay competitive is by discretion. Yes, nail polish companies such as OPI and Essie are popular and used in many nail salons. However, the more trendy products are in high demand, so disclosing suppliers is not good for business.

Polish is not as trendy as shellac. Shellac is a gel polish that can be used over natural or acrylic nails. Clients want shellac because the shine lasts longer than a clear top coat.

“I tend to stick to coffin shape acrylics, shellac polish, with either stones or glitter,” Thomson said.

Ombre nails are also in high demand at Hoang’s shop. During our interview three clients walked in requesting ombre nails with a coffin shape. Ombre nails are similar to the traditional “french tip or “pink and white.” Hoang uses white and pink acrylic, but instead of a white line at the tip nail she blends the two colors in the middle for an ombre effect.

As if it isn’t hard enough to choose a nail color, S Nail lounge offers every trend known to man, including shellac, glow-in-the-dark powder, foil, chrome, glitter, stones, decals, nail art, marble, matte and shiny.

With all these trends, most clients end up going back to something traditional, or a modern version of a traditional idea.

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