Students at MSU have found the key to affordable housing

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Michigan State University students are spreading their wings and leaving their nest from apartments within walking distance to campus to apartments that may require more effort to getting to campus.

Apartments further away to campus are cheaper than apartments that are in walking distance.

Unless students are willing to pay over $1,000 a month in rent for a one bedroom, they must prepare themselves to live with at least three to four different roommates in one apartment.

The Hannah Lofts apartments on 2929 Hannah Blvd. in East Lansing is one of the few ideal apartments where students would like to live because of its location and nearby transportation services.

However, it is one of the more expensive apartments compared to apartments further away like Chandler Crossings apartments.

Hannah Lofts traditional one-floor, one-bedroom with one bathroom is going for $1,125, a shared two bedroom with two bathrooms is going for $850, and a shared three bedroom, three bathroom is going for $799. All of the rental prices are for per person.

These prices are outrageously high when compared to some apartments in Lansing with the same amenities and also along the bus line.

For Instance, Chandler Crossings Apartments are known for having affordable housing for students.

Chandler Crossings has three affordable housing complexes for students. Chandler Crossings offer-one-, two-, three- and four bedroom apartments. Their cheapest rental property for a four bedroom with two bathrooms starts at $360 and goes up and $430.

Ashley Cooper, a junior at MSU, moved from Treehouse North Apartments, about a five-minute walk to campus to the Clubs at Chandler Crossings apartments because she was able to rent a room for $399 per month and was given a bus card to commute to campus each semester.

Independent real estate adviser Jamie Lou says that although Chandler Crossing apartments are more affordable than those closer to campus, the cost that students put in getting to campus with transportation and missing out on that additional hour of sleep to commute could make paying the extra $100 to $200 a month on housing to live closer worth it.

Students who attend MSU and do not have a car might agree with Lou’s point.

“I live in Michigan Avenue and I chose that because your rent is cheaper the further you move away from  campus such as Chandler Crossing,” said Alex Eulianano. “However, for students that don’t have a car it’s more viable to live more closer to campus such as Grand River or Michigan where you may have to pay more but you don’t need access to a car.”

Although Lou believes it is in students’ best interest to live closer to campus, she has noticed that more students are looking into apartments further away thinking that they will save money.

Students often make the switch to apartments from dorm rooms in hopes of saving money.

“It’s cheaper but still in walking distance,” Hannah Kitterling said. “I get the benefits of staying with my friends, being able to cook and having that separation of school and living versus it all kind of being in one.” 


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