Secondhand goods find quite a market in Ingham County

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Mom 2 Mom Sale brand. Lansing, MI. March. 17, 2018.

Second-hand shopping attracts consumers at all levels of the economy. These savings can be used for holidays, recreation, the financing of a university education and retirement accounts and the expansion of family activities to improve the quality of life.

As the children grow up, the things that children used to use become useless. This will be a very perfect moment to take advantage of these wastes. At the same time, these old products are convenient and affordable for new mothers. It saves a lot of money.

People didn’t realize that what was being sold as scrap or thrown away was valuable to some people. Books can be sold to new mothers who are interested, as well as digital products and school supplies, which can be sold to needy mothers who can buy what they want at a lower price than the market.

According to America’s Research Group, a consumer research firm, about 16 to 18 percent of Americans will shop at a thrift store during a given year. For consignment/resale shops, it’s about 12 to 15 percent. To keep these figures in perspective, consider that during the same time frame; 11.4 percent of Americans shop in factory outlet malls, 19.6 percent in apparel stores and 21.3 percent in major department stores.

The cheap price allows both sellers and buyers to accept it. Jennifer Carducci is a seller in a recent Ingham County Mom 2 Mom Sale, on March 17 . She thought the activity was meaningful and helpful.

She said, “I have 2 daughters, and they are all grown up now. There are many toys and clothes in my family, I think it’s a pity to throw them away, and they also take up too much space. The Mom 2 Mom is great. This is a good thing, and I can sell these useless things to those who need them. Even if the price I sell is very cheap, I am very happy, and I can help those who need it.”

Audrey Dickson is a buyer. She has been paying attention to this activity for a long time. She said, “I have known the event for 7 years, and I attend every year. This is interesting, and it is also very warm, and the price makes me very excited.”

Mom 2 Mom Sale scene. Lansing, MI. March. 17, 2018.

Brenda Baston is a staff of Mom 2 Mom Sale. She said, “1,300 shoppers through the sale in 4.5 hours. This is an exciting number. I am very happy to be able to help these customers. I have been running Mom 2 Mom Sales for 10 years. I hope, through my efforts to help the mothers of Ingham County. ”

Associate Professor Christian Robert Ahlin is from the Department of Economics from Michigan State University. He thinks the current secondary market is positive in Ingham County. He said, “If two parties are willing to transact, allowing the transaction is good, whether it is a firm selling a new good, or one person selling a ‘used’ item to another.”

Second-hand markets are important to the economics, but they won’t affect a company’s trade. At the same time, the second-hand market has to some extent promoted the trade. Ahlin said,”How does it affect a firm’s profits if there is a secondhand market? It need not be bad – because consumers will be willing to pay more for a new item from the firm if they know they can then resell the product in an active secondhand market.”

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