New president for MSU

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John Engler has quickly adjusted into his position making decisions and executing plans to move forward as his first few weeks as interim president.

Hiring Public Relations, Law, and Investigative firms to help move him through the Nassar scandal.

“He started day one, and it wasn’t like it was a start up, he started making moves, moving through, and moving people in,” John Truscott, Engler’s public relations said.

Forming an expert advisory work group for relationship violence and sexual misconduct.

This group will look into previous and future reports to reorganize the universities workshops like Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV).

He is listening to the survivors, students, and faculty to address past mistakes, improvements, and future ideas that could change the universities policies for the better.

However, not everyone agrees with the decisions of the Board of Trustees to appoint Engler into the position.

“There really needed to be more transparency in that process, and I don’t think who they appointed was the best to put in that position,” MSU senior, Della Uekert, said.

Engler has officially finalized his contract and decided to donate his half a million dollar salary to qualified university organizations and entities.

He signed an agreement to ensure that he would be donating his salary.

Click here to access the full contract agreement visit this website for more information.

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