East Lansing Public Schools approves bid for AV upgrades

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Lauren Scott

The boardroom and TV room in East Lansing High School is getting upgraded with new technology.

Imagine trying to use a cellphone from the early 2000s, before smartphones came out. It would be old and tough to use, right? The East Lansing Public Schools Board of Education recently approved a bid to upgrade the boardroom and TV room equipment, which has not been updated since about that time.

Since the approval the $98,776.56 bid on Feb. 12, 2018, the detailed planning will start immediately. However, hardware may not be ready for installation until April.

Trustee Terah Chambers, said she is excited about the improvements.

This AV upgrade has been due for a while, but we’ve prioritized other technology needs in the past several years. That’s part of why the equipment is so old,” Chambers said.

According to the ELPS Board meeting agenda, there are four primary goals for this proposal: Upgrade outdated cameras and move them to wall-mount, pan-tilt-zoom models, reduce the amount of equipment in the backroom to a single wall-mount rack, relocate the manual board of education meeting recording to the TV studio control room, and replace the aging playback system.

Christian Palasty, director of technology and media services for ELPS, said the boardroom, located in East Lansing High School, is used almost every day for multiple reasons, but staff use the cameras and software only to record and present board meetings, which are typically twice a month. Because of this, Palasty said,  the improvements in the TV room are the most important.

The updates down in the TV studio are the most important because it replaces a video server that recently quit working. The playout system in the studio also impacts all video footage, whereas the upgrades in the boardroom will impact only video recorded in the boardroom,” Palatsy said. “The upgrades to the TV studio provide for future classes and having an updated playout system. Some of the equipment can also be used to record in-building events, and we’ll post those events to our educational channel. This project will help us promote the great things our students are doing here.”

With these upgrades, Palasty hopes to bring back a class based on video production.

“The boardroom has never been available for student use but that’s not to say that it couldn’t be,” Palatsy said.

The TV room used to host a class, but it has not been offered in years due to lack of teachers knowledgeable in the topic. Palatsy hopes that with these improvements, teachers and students will be inspired and willing to learn about video production.

Either way, improvement is the main goal. This project will improve the quality of video footage, increase the efficiency of production, update the audio, video infrastructure and the East Lansing school district. 

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