CNS Budget – March 1, 2018

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March 1, 2018 – Week 7
To: CNS Editors
From: Eric Freedman & Sheila Schimpf
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PRISONCLOSING: What happens to a small community when the state closes a prison that’s been a major employer? With the Corrections Department planning to shut the cell doors at Shoreline Correctional Facility in Muskegon, we visit Coldwater to see what’s happened since Florence Crane Correctional Facility closed in 2011. Not much going on downtown. By Gloria Nzeka. FOR LUDINGTON, MANISTEE, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, HOLLAND, OCEANA, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS AND ALL POINTS.
w/PRISONSCLOSINGPHOTO1: The closing of a local prison has hit downtown Coldwater hard. Credit: Gloria Nzeka
w/PRISONCLOSINGPHOTO2: Retailers get hit when an area prison closes. Credit: Gloria Nzeka
TRAFFICSTOP: New legislation is intended to smooth interactions between law enforcement officers and drivers during traffic stops. Amid concerns over racial profiling, it comes after a State Police analysis shows that the race of drivers stopped in 2017 was in the same proportion as they are in the state’s population. We talk to the Crawford County undersheriff, Howell police chief, Lansing ACLU and the Office of Highway Safety Planning. Sponsors include lawmakers from Battle Creek, Hart, Portage and Lowell. By Agnes Bao. CRAWFORD COUNTY, OCEANA, IONIA, LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.
w/TRAFFICSTOPTABLE: The races of drivers stopped by State Police in 2017 in Michigan. Source: State Police  
TEACHEREDUCATION: Lawmakers have been struggling for years to improve teacher education. A House committee is mulling over legislation that would, among other things, create a Master Teacher Program to mentor new teachers and require colleges and universities to provide a 2-year “warranty” that provides additional classes for their graduates who don’t perform well on teaching assessments. We hear from Holland and Saginaw representatives and a Spring Arbor teacher who testified before the committee. By Casey Hull. FOR HOLLAND AND ALL POINTS.
AIREMISSIONS: A federal court ruling means many livestock farms will no longer be exempt from reporting air emissions from their animals and manure. An Ottawa County beef farmer says the change means more paperwork that could drive up the price of food. The Farm Bureau says the reporting wouldn’t provide any benefits. The Michigan Environmental Council says it’s important to monitor emissions for air quality. For news and agriculture pages. By Crystal Chen.
TRAINTRESPASSING: Dramatic crashes between cars and trains draw public attention but take fewer lives than train-”trespasser”incidents, a new federal study shows. Last year 13 died and six were injured in Michigan. Many of the trespassers walked along the tracks wearing earbuds and don’t detect the danger. We talk to MDOT and Michigan Operation Lifesaver. By Riley Murdock. FOR STURGIS, THREE RIVERS AND ALL POINTS.
POLICERECRUITMENT: Police departments around the state are having problems recruiting officers. Reasons include a diminution of benefits, including retirement benefits, the cost of training and public attitudes toward law enforcement officers. We hear from police officials in Cadillac and Howell and from the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. By Riley Murdock. FOR CADILLAC & ALL POINTS.
ROADFUNDING: The Legislature has been moving on the $175 million in road maintenance funding requested by the governor. Much of the money would go to county and municipal roads. Cadillac could use some of it to upgrade major roads. Meanwhile, a construction industry trade group that represents road and bridge contractors says Isabella County wants to improperly use state money for a new headquarters rather than for road projects. By Maxwell Evans. FOR CADILLAC, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS AND ALL POINTS.
TRACKSMAGAZINE: “Tracks,” the Michigan United Conservation Clubs’ magazine for children, is marking its 40th anniversary this year. By Jacqueline Kelly. FOR ALL POINTS.
w/TRACKSMAGAZINECOVER: Credit: Michigan United Conservation Clubs
RIVERTRAILS: The National Park Service is considering requests to designate national river trails for the recently reviled Flint River and the Shiawassee River. One goal is to attract more visitors to the rivers and their communities. By Lizzy LaFavre. FOR ALL POINTS.
w/RIVERTRAILSPHOTO: Kayaking on the Shiawassee River.. Credit: Oakland County

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