Williamston Pub & Grill has all the specials, and a good time

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Every day is a special at the Williamston Pub & Grill.  Each day corresponds to a different promotion as the restaurant tries to entice diners to visit.  

On Mondays, they have Happy Hour from 3- 7 p.m.;  Tuesday there is Taco and Trivia; Wednesday is Burger Night, Thursday there is Trivia Night, on Friday, they have all-you-can-eat fish fry; Saturday has live entertainment for those dining in, and finally, Sunday is Fun Day.

Williamston Pub & Grill promoting their Burger Night special. Photo By: Jared Carter


Michelle Van Sledright works at Williamston Pub & Grill and says she started working here in March, and moved to Owosso in August. She chooses to make the commute because she loves it here so much.

A fine bar with many crafts beers. Photo By: Jared Carter

Van Sledright said, “Leigh and Ciano, (the owners) have done just an absolutely amazing job of turning this place around from when it used to be known as  ‘The Bucket’, to what it is now, which is the Williamston Pub.”

Van Sledright liked how the restaurant has changed from a mature audience bar to a family-fun environment and added, “Now everyone brings their kids, it’s a good place, it’s just fun and family-orientated.”  

The busiest days for her are Tuesday and Friday, which are Taco Trivia and Fish Fry.

Shane McDonough, a Williamston resident, comes here a few days of the week after work to have a beer.

McDonough said, “I don’t have a special (that I like), my favorite food that they have is the club sandwich and their wings.”

McDonough applauded the staff saying they are “fantastic, you grow a relationship with them.”

Sheila and Lon Johnson live on the Williamston and Okemos border and like that the restaurant is open late and casual, and everything on the menu is good.

Sheila Johnson said, “We take advantage of the tacos, and that it’s open late.”

Sheila and Lon said they like the tacos and wings that they serve at the pub and grill, and the friendly service.  They also feel comfortable with the casual environment, and have the ability to relax after a long night with dinner and a drink.

Greg Brunger, a resident of Webberville, likes the people and the atmosphere here at the restaurant.  He likes the Taco and Trivia night that they host every Tuesday.


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