Lansing residents gather for the State of the City

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Lansing Mayor Andy Schor delivered his first State of the City Address on Feb. 7 at Pattengill Middle School. Preceded by a reception, Mayor Schor’s address took place in front of a packed auditorium filled with Lansing employees, school board members and residents.

During the speech, the mayor discussed what he’s done in his 37 days in office, including several meetings with Lansing neighborhood leaders and unveiling Cesar Chavez Avenue in Old Town. Mayor Schor also outlined future plans for local schools, neighborhoods, infrastructure and public safety.

The Mayor announced the creation of a citywide community service program called Serve Lansing.

“Serve Lansing will increase citizen engagement and connect our residents, increase volunteer opportunities through large scale neighborhood cleanups and focus on strengthening neighborhoods through emergency preparedness and response,” said Mayor Schor.

Lansing resident Rina Risper is one of many locals that look forward to Mayor Schor’s tenure.

“What I absolutely love about Mayor Schor is that he involves technology, all different varying groups, and age ranges,” said Risper. “He also does not mind having a conversation about something that individuals don’t agree about. He’s very open to engaging the community in all types of communications.”

See Mayor Schor’s full address below.

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