Q&A: Golfer Priscilla Harding talks about playing at the college level with her sisters

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Priscilla Harding is the second of what soon will be three sisters playing on the Michigan State women’s golf team. Older sister Caroline is a redshirt sophomore and younger sister Elizabeth is expected to join the team next season. Spartan Newsroom sat down with Caroline to talk about what it’s like to play with her family’s legacy.

Spartan Newsroom: What does it mean to you to play at the same school as your dad?

Priscilla Harding: Once I decided to pursue golf, my No. 1 goal was to play at Michigan State. Growing up, I was always surrounded by Michigan State. I would go to the football games with my dad and sisters, and tailgate with my grandparents. You can say I grew up a Spartan, and there wasn’t any other place I wanted to be. Michigan State was my home, and once I was offered a spot on the team, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. My dad is my No. 1 fan. He’s taught me everything I know about the game, and I’m excited and hopeful to continue the family legacy here.

SN: What is the best thing about having your sister as a teammate?

PH: The best thing about having my older sister, Caroline, on the team right now is definitely comforting. I always find myself asking her for help and guidance, which is obviously her role as the oldest. We grew up competing and learning together, and it’s really neat to be able to play with her at a (Division I) college level.

SN: I see that your younger sister will be joining the team in the future. So what will it mean to have yet another sibling on the team?

PH: With Elizabeth coming next year, the trio will be complete. We had one year in high school where we all got to play together and placed second in the state. So I’m really looking forward to next year.

SN: What is the legacy you hope to leave?

PH: I know I want to leave behind a positive impact, and make my mark on MSU golf. I came in as a preferred walk-on, and I’m still working on a scholarship. I’ve always told people who ask I’m trying to earn one by my junior or senior year, but I’ve now realized how hard that is going to be. I am and have always been up to the challenge. My goal since freshman year has been to improve my game as I play along some of the best amateurs in the world. I am very privileged to be on this team and part of such a wonderful athletic program.

SN: Are there ever moments of competition between you and your siblings when it comes to playing on the course?

PH: Rivalry between my siblings is very rare. We are frequently asked if we are always at each other’s throats, and our honest answer is no. Since we grew up playing an array of sports together, we’ve always been each other’s teammates, not rivals. On the course, we are always cheering each other on from across the fairway with waves and fist pumps of encouragement. If I come off the course with a bad round, but one of my sisters played well, I’m obviously going to be happy for her. We are all more focused on our own game than comparing ourselves to each other.

SN: How similar is your golf game to your sisters?

PH: Comparing my game to Caroline’s, we both have our unique strengths and weaknesses. I would say I’m more consistent and conservative, where she plays more aggressively. We have both dedicated years to improving our game and have our respective work ethics. Additionally, I definitely take a lot more time.

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