Long-time Williamston city manager Alan Dolley to retire

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After working for Williamston for over 20 years, City Manager Alan Dolley will retire this month.

“My wife and I found Williamston to be a very inviting and friendly community,” Dolley said. “Over the years you get to know many of the people, as the community is not very large. Working with city employees is probably the best part of working in Williamston.”

Although he has spent most of his life in Williamston, Dolley did not start off in the small town. He is originally from Lake City, about two hours north of Williamston. He attended Lake City High School, graduating in the class of 1978.

“I then served four years in the U.S. Air Force,” Dolley said. “I attended Central Michigan University, where I majored in accounting with a minor in business administration.”

Within his four years of service, Williamston City Clerk Holly Thompson said, Dolley had “temporary duty assignments in Guam and Diego Garcia for the Iranian Hostage rescue attempt”. After graduating from CMU in 1986, Dolley began working for the City of Cadillac, Michigan as their accounting supervisor. Dolley officially began working for the City of Williamston upon accepting a job offer as the town’s city clerk/treasurer in October 1994.

Because of his long history with Williamston, Dolley has been able to accomplish many things.

“Mr. Dolley was instrumental in the sale of the building at 1500 W. Grand River Ave. (our former police department/DPW building) to Old Nation Brewery,” said Thompson. “He also handled the sale of the former Community Center- 201 School St. Building to Harvest House Ministries, and the construction of the new police department building.”

Although Dolley is a city manager, he still managed to make time for extracurriculars outside of the workplace. Thompson revealed his love for “skydiving and snowboarding.”

Although he does not know what the future holds, Dolley said he hopes to spend more time with his wife and parents during retirement.

“I know that I will miss seeing city employees every morning,” Dolley said. “Breaking the routine of going to city hall will be quite an adjustment.”

To celebrate the work Dolley has done for the city of Williamston, there is a retirement party on his last day: Feb. 23, 2-4 p.m. at Williamston city hall.

Once Dolley’s retirement begins, Rachel Piner Williamston city treasurer said, “City Council will be selecting a new city manager to lead the city.”

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