Lee Cleaveland: an emerging voice of the Lansing music scene

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Lee Cleaveland is a singularity.

He is an emerging artist in the Lansing music scene, already a household name in the East Lansing co-op movement and has  played venues throughout Lansing.  

Born in the Detroit metro area, Cleaveland started playing trumpet in the third grade. Thanks to his mother’s love for music, he played throughout middle school and high school, jumping from band to band as his sound evolved.

Cleaveland, found himself in a difficult situation when he wanted to learn guitar during his high school years. He was born without much of his  left arm, so a standard guitar grip didn’t work.  So he used a left-handed grip to play his mother’s right handed ’74 Stella Harmony.  He strums so hard with his left limb that it sometimes bleeds.

Now he is looking to take the next big step. After recently headlining his first concert, he is ready to become a regular of the Lansing music scene in the hope to expand his brand even further. 

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