Lash extensions: Everything you should know as a client or an aspiring lash technician

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Whether you are getting lash extensions for the first time or want to get into this trending beauty industry, there are a few things you should know.

Women’s interest in finding ways to lengthen their lashes with a lash extension technique was started in the late 1800s. There are different ways to accomplish fuller, longer lashes whether it is by mascara, false lashes or the latest technique of lash extensions.

The current technique of lash extensions consists of single hairs being attached to existing eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive, according to Sugarlash Pro. These eyelash extensions come in different styles, lengths, colors and materials.

Rikiyah Manning, 21, has been getting lash extensions for over a year due to difficulty applying false lashes because her natural lashes were short and very curly. Lash extensions are not cheap: Manning pays $85 but feels they are worth it.

“They last long, they give me a more defined look and it makes it easier when I am doing my makeup,” Manning said.

Picture taken by Rikiyah Manning used with permission

Manning showing off her fresh lash extensions.

Manning states that the only cons about lash extensions are that some of the lashes randomly fall out, she has to brush them a lot and the appointment to apply the lash extensions takes over an hour.

Lash extensions have become a popular beauty trend over the last few years and have sparked an interest for entrepreneurs. Lash extension training classes have been readily available for anyone aspiring to become a lash technician.

Carissa Martin, owner and certified lash technician of Lash Pass, has only been in the lash extension business since last summer and has already gained a large clientele. Martin started her business to make some extra money.

Picture from Carissa Martin used with permission

Owner and lash technician of Lash Pass.

“At the time, I knew I’d be traveling the majority of the summer and that would stop me from being able to work a steady job. I felt I needed to do something where I had complete control over my hours,” Martin said.

Martin’s lash extensions cost between $75 and $85, depending on the style of lash, such as a natural look or a dramatic look, and $45 to $55 for a fill in. She offers three different curl types: C curl, CC curl and D curl.

A fan of lash extensions, Martin wore them before getting into the business and loves them. She offers training for other aspiring lash technicians to break into the business. Martin was presented with the opportunity to work in a salon, but she does not plan to continue doing lash extensions after graduating from the University of Michigan in the spring.

Picture taken by Carissa Martin used with permission

Lash extensions done by Carissa Martin of Lash Pass.

Kiana Sanders, owner and certified lash technician of Lash Out with K.K., was inspired to do lash extensions due to being unhappy in her workplace.

Picture from Kiana Sanders used with permission

Owner and lash technician of Lash Out with K.K.

“Sitting at a desk job, I was feeling like I was at a standstill and decided I did not want to work for anyone. I wanted to be my own boss, and I would see all these lash training classes on Instagram but wouldn’t think twice about them before,” Sanders said.

Starting at $65 she offers 3 different curl types: B curl, C curl and D curl. Sanders has a few signature looks, her favorite being the “Lavish K,” a more dramatic look with longer length lashes. Lash extensions being a “side hustle” for Sanders, she only does them on Wednesdays and Sundays but does plan on expanding her lash extension business.

Picture by Kiana Sanders used with permission

Lash extensions done by Kiana Sanders of Lash Out by K.K.

Below are tips to maintain lash extensions as well as the process of becoming a lash technician:

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