Lansing schools have plans for $28 million grant

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Lansing School District

The Lansing School District has big plans for the Teacher and Student Leader grant it received in 2017.

The grant is expected to total $28,006,544 over three years, according to the Office of Innovation and Improvement. The Lansing School District is one of 12 school districts nationwide to receive a grant.

Executive Director of School Improvement Benjamin Botwinski told the board how grants work on Feb. 8.

Planning and identifying the needs of the school is important, Botwinski said. He said he plans with his team and identifies the grants that would benefit the district the most.

The formula continues to work for Botwinski and his team. Along with this grant, the district received one of 32 magnet school grants in the nation. The Magnet School Assistance Program is used to help racial integration and promote academic excellence. This grant is valid for a cycle of five years and is expected to total to $14,998,948.

Latisha Gordon is an instructional assistant at Beekman Center and voiced her concern with the Lansing School Districts funding.

Gordon lived in the Lansing area for 30 years before she moved to Mason. She has four children who all attended school in the Lansing district. Looking at the current state of schools compared to the present, she said programs have diminished.

Gordon said instructors have had to conduct arts and crafts themselves for the past five or six years. The Beekman Center hasn’t received a grant or funds for almost 10 years.

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