Lansing School Board appoints 2 new members

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The Lansing School Board appointed two new members to the board at a regular meeting on Feb. 1.

After a 4-3 vote, Michigan State University Senior Research Associate Nathan Burroughs and CEO/Leader Physician at Care Free Medical Clinic, Dr. Farhan Bhatti, were chosen as the new members of the board.

Nathan Burroughs, one of the newly appointed Lansing School Board members.

Burroughs, who interviewed for the position at the previous meeting via Skype, said he knows it will be a while until he feels confident with the dynamics of a school board.

“Despite having some expertise I’m fully aware that I have a steep learning curve,” Burroughs said.

Burroughs and Bhatti were the two chosen out of eight candidates to fill the vacancies on the board. School board trustee Missy Lilje said the candidates were enthusiastic, qualified and well-prepared during their interviews.

“I’m excited to tap their brains about their areas of expertise and research,” Lilje said.

Burroughs, who has lived in Lansing for the past seven years, is an education policy researcher for MSU.

“I have a lot of expertise in education policy as a researcher, and I keep track of what’s happening in the Lansing schools as a whole,” Burroughs said.

After voting for new board members, the meeting went into closed session to discuss contract negotiations with the Lansing Educational Assistants.

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