Judge Aquilina speaks to MSU students

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Judge Rosemarie Aquilina is now a viral sensation since presiding over Larry Nassar’s first sentencing in Ingham County.

She’s remained tight-lipped on the case…until now.

“I felt the pain, I saw the pain first hand…what I saw were these women who came in nervous, anxious, and as they started to talk and face him and me, it was healing,” Aquilina said.

Aquilina went viral for tossing aside Nassar’s letter. She only read some of what he wrote, and sealed the rest because it would “cause unrest in the courtroom.”

“My stomach sank, and if you watch how I was on the record and what I said, that explains how I felt,” Aquilina said.

The way she handled this case resonated with many, including Natalie Portman, who wore a shirt with her name on it while hosting Saturday Night Live.

“People said I hope you watched SNL. I was sleeping,” Aquilina said.

Aquilina ended the visit by handing out pencils that looked like gavels.

“Now you each have your own gavels to remember me by.”

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