In Williamston, Valentine’s Day is about hearts … and dollar signs

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Megan Merriman watches people grab cards every day as she sits behind the pharmacy counter. She says getting a card is “tradition” but in today’s age a lot more is needed for this special day.

As children, getting a card and a piece of candy on this day was all that was needed, and that concept remains the same but at a much higher price.

When couples think of this day, they do not think about chocolate and flowers, they think about the dollar signs. Giving your loved one only a card and some candy doesn’t cut it anymore.

We’re talking about that one February holiday that always hits on the 14th…Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a huge source of revenue for businesses all over the country.

According to the National Retail Federation, $18.2 billion will be spent for the holiday with an average of about $136.57 per person.

Local businesses understand that the holiday will bring in more customers and it is something they are ready for.

“Valentine’s Day is a big day in the flower shop and it is something we all look forward too,” said Dawn Marie-Joseph, Vivee’s Floral Garden employee. “It’s a big part of your revenue. They carry you through the seasons when people are not necessarily looking for flowers.”

According to Bankrate, a consumer financial service, the five most popular items sold for the holiday are a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, diamond earrings, a dinner for two, and a bottle of champagne.

In Williamston, all five of these items can be found in the downtown area.

From flower shops to jewelers, Valentine’s Day shopping can be knocked out within one trip.

Buying flowers for Valentine’s Day has a huge impact on the local businesses said Olivia Perrine, an Uncommon Goodies employee.

“Our sales go up dramatically,” she said. “Holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, imply candy for most people.”

Uncommon Goodies offers candy from all walks of life providing many different varieties of candy varying from chocolate to salt water taffy.

“People associate candy with Valentine’s Day,” said Perrine. “It’s something that everyone expects to get.”

But if candy is not what your significant other is looking for there are many different options, like Vivee’s Floral Garden. states that giving flowers derives from an old-fashion custom started by Charles II of Sweden.

Each flower that he sent had a different story like romance, love and much more that told a conversation in and of itself.

And with Valentine’s Day hitting in the peak of winter, a bright red rose is a rarity.

“Valentine’s Day, especially around here, is in the winter and who doesn’t like to see beautiful flowers in the winter time. Obviously when you look outside, we don’t have that going on,” Marie-Joseph said.

She said the simple action of giving someone flowers can show you care.

“I think it’s a special way of showing endearment when somebody buys you flowers,” she said. “You know they are thinking about you because it’s an unselfish gift. If your given cupcakes, you have to share and give everyone at least one.”

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