Dessert shop in Bath shares the love with its customers

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In a two-story building nestled alongside a small lake in Bath Township, you’ll find Park Lake Creamery. Home to the Masters of Confections chocolate factory, Park Lake Creamery offers a variety of items from a valentine’s sweetheart box and a made-to-order chocolate heart box.

Konny Zsigo, founder and owner of Park Lake Creamery, said he estimates he bought around 50 pounds of strawberries to prepare for the holiday.

“I know that even with all the prep and planning, it all comes down to chocolate covered strawberries,” said Zsigo.

According to a National Retail Foundation Survey, $1.8 billion is predicted to be spent on chocolate and candy alone this year for Valentine’s Day.

While Zsigo said Valentine’s Day isn’t their busiest holiday compared to Mother’s Day, he said he wants to use this opportunity to introduce more people to the store and show appreciation for the people who’ve supported the business in its earliest days.

The creamery had a special drawing for a Valentine’s Day panda and chocolates where they announced the winner, MacKenzie Kolstad, live on the Park Lake Creamery Facebook page on the 13th.

“Her fiance or boyfriend is picking it up for her, and he’s going to present it to her with a box of chocolates [on Valentine’s Day]. I’m not even entirely sure if she knows,” said Zsigo.

Under the Masters of Confection ‘About Us’ page, Zsigo said he first got the idea of making chocolates eight years ago when his son came to him with the idea of starting a lemonade stand.

Zsigo said on his website, “I became interested in chocolate in 2010, when my then 10-year-old son wanted to start a lemonade stand.  I quickly talked him into making chocolates and found that I was, perhaps, having even more fun than he was. So while he was dipping Oreos, I was making my first truffles.”

In 2016, it became official when Zsigo trading in his 30-year career as a corporate CEO to pursue his passion of becoming a chocolatier along with his wife, Nikki, who he said he bought flowers and decorated the shop with ‘I love my wife’ signs for Valentine’s Day this year.

Zsigo wants people to know that Park Lake Creamery is not a candy store. Instead, it’s a gourmet dessert shop that uses less sugar with no preservatives, and everything is handmade by Zsigo from the caramel sauce that you put in your latte to the chocolate sauce you pour on your ice cream, and everything in between.

“It’s that kind of place,” said Zsigo. “We’re trying to give people a really special experience when you come.”

With a five-star rating on Facebook, Park Lake Creamery has quickly become a local favorite in Bath Township.

Jeannine Brown, who gave the creamery a five-star rating, said she first stopped by at Park Lake Creamery during their “soft opening” in December.

“The coffee and chocolates were amazing,” said Brown. “I stopped by again last Friday to pick up some chocolates for Valentine’s Day…again, so welcoming and gracious! Looking forward to purchasing many more chocolates for many more years to come from this great couple!”

Another frequent Park Lake Creamery guest, Jennifer Warner Wilson, said she enjoys having more local businesses in Bath.

“The chocolate I bought was amazing. I have been back a couple of times,” said Wilson.

Zsigo said as a new local business in Bath, customers have been very welcoming and gracious.

“People have been very receptive and very warm and just really glad something like this is here,” said Zsigo. “In the early days, we really have relied on word of mouth and we really wanted to meet the people, and that’s why we initially opened with no staff. It’s just my wife and I so we would really have a chance to talk to people when they came.”

 Zsigo said he has big plans for the Park Lake Creamery come summer time.

“Our plan is to get a pontoon boat and do cruises around the lake in the evening,” said Zsigo. “So people can come in, get an ice cream or whatever, and then they can jump onto the pontoon boat and take a little half hour ride around the lake.”

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