The positive effect of following uplifting influencers on social media

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Do you feel confident and happy after scrolling through your social media feeds?

If the answer is no, you may just be following the wrong individuals on social media.

According to an informal, non-scientific survey by Spartan Newsroom, 78 out of 84 individuals agreed they feel happier and have more self confidence when they follow bloggers who promote positivity.

Kennedy Frazer, blogger and junior marketing major at Western Michigan University, said bloggers can have a positive influence on their followers’ body image by promoting the idea of positivity and confidence.

My blog from the beginning was focused on girl power and supporting one another,” said Frazer. “I feel as too many women in this world, try to tear other women down for what they chose to do with their life.”

Frazer said that her social media pages focus on being relatable and real.

“My page is focused on the beautiful in every day, the perfect and the imperfect,” said Frazer. “I am human and I want my followers to be able to look up to me but also relate to me.”

Frazer said there is a correlation between who one chooses to follow on social media and the way they feel after viewing their posts.

“I like to follow a mix of people that all have different realities and purposes,” said Frazer.

Frazer said her personal goal when blogging or posting is for her followers to feel inspired.

“I want them to look at my post and not compare themselves to me, but instead be inspired to reach out about makeup, clothing or whatever it is I am posting about,” said Frazer.  I want my posts to be relatable and helpful.”

Shelby Hull, an Instagram user and student at Michigan State University, said following a positive influencer on social media allows the opportunity to have a positive discussion about what a positive body image looks like.

“Influencers and fashion bloggers have a large platform to build a brand that can either help or harm their following,” said Hull. “If it’s used for good, they’re able to promote body positivity, self love and care as a part of that brand.”

Hull said who she chooses to follow has a major effect on how she feels after scrolling through her social media feeds.

“I make sure that when I do scroll through that I am being fed positive and soul nourishing content,” said Hull.

Hull said that she personally follows bloggers that make her feel awesome, such as Lee From America, The Balanced Blonde, and Addicted To Lovely.  

“They all talk about balance in life and looking at food as fuel and medicine rather than calories as something to stress about,” said Hull. “They promote exercise as something to use for your mind and long term, true health.”

Alexis Kelly, blogger and senior fashion merchandising major at Central Michigan University, said when she posts on social media she strives to post real content.

“I hope to share even my imperfections with my followers,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she considers social media influencers and bloggers to be role models.

“As a fashion blogger, you don’t have to fit a standard,” said Kelly.

Kelly said to be a blogger you do not have to be a certain shape, skin tone or size to talk about fashion.

“I believe having a varied blogger community inspires women and men that they could be doing the same thing,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she chooses to follow influencers like Hello Katy on Instagram and Youtube because the content that she produces promotes self love and confidence.

“Having people be real on social media is very refreshing,” said Kelly.

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