Talking with Teachers, Episode 3. Guest: Jeff Thomas

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Sweet Home high school in Amherst, NY.

On the third episode of “Talking with Teachers,” I’ve gone outside MSU to interview Jeff Thomas, Sweet Home High School’s business education teacher.

Thomas has been at Sweet Home High School in Amherst, NY (a suburb of Buffalo) for over 20 years and has taught a number of different business and media courses.

In the interview, Thomas talks about how he got into teaching, and the differences between business courses and typical core high school classes. He highlights the importance of business education in high school, how it can help kids going into college, and what business classes are offered at Sweet Home now.

Thomas also touches on his personal struggles of teaching an elective course in high school.

“We get a myriad of kids,” he said. “We get kids that are smart and intelligent all the way down to the kid who’s having trouble tying his shoes that day, so you’ve got to kind of work in the middle and keep everyone entertained. But, it makes the day a little bit more interesting because then you can take upper-level kids and let them help out the lower-level kids and bring them up, and it still reinforces material to the smarter kids.”

You can listen to the whole interview with Thomas below:

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