Talking with Teachers, Episode 1. Guest: Professor of Practice Mike Castellucci

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Castellucci talking with his JRN 306 class at Michigan State University.

On the first episode of “Talking with Teachers,” MSU journalism professor Mike Castellucci talks about his reporting career and the transition from reporting to teaching.

Castellucci has worked in large TV markets such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Dallas and has won a 20 Emmys.

Some of Castellucci’s awards have come from his “Phoning It In” specials. Each half hour special is shot completely on his iPhone while Castelluci takes on the roles of producer, writer, cameraman, editor and host. Castellucci was a recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for his work with the first “Phoning It In” special.

In his interview, Castellucci shares why he decided to become a teacher, and how he’s been adjusting to his new career.

“The skills are easy; anybody can learn skills,” Castellucci said. “It’s the storytelling that’s more subjective and hard to grasp. I think it’s just a lot of getting involved in storytelling, showing work and then going through the writing and making it better. The end goal is to create an emotionally engaging story with pretty pictures that people can’t look away from.”

You can listen to the full interview with Castellucci below:

Link to Castellucci’s ‘Phoning it in” special:

Link to Castellucci’s online profile:

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