Social media celebrities have an impact on fashion industry

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College students spend large amounts of time on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo, etc. Every smartphone user tends to use one or several social media app in their daily life. Users can easily share their life through words, photos and video with their followers, and they also build different figures on different social media.

Vanessa Xie

Tianyi Xie

Advertising junior Tianyi Xie said she basically shares three different figures on different social media.

“On Instagram, I only post my best selfies or high quality photography, because I want to leave people a high-level and decent impression,” Xie says. “I keep my emotional side on Weibo which most of my followers are strangers. And I will show my positive, funny side to my WeChat group where most of them know me in real life.

“I organize my social media like this, because there is always something you want to keep  secret, or there is always a side of you which you do not want to show to your family”

Since Instagram is a photo-based social media, and users can check strangers’ photos,  Xie said she wants to build a popular figure, “just like all the fashion celebrities.”

“I followed many celebrities on Weibo, so I could get gossip immediately,” another MSU student, Xinyue Li said. “From their posts, I learned what is the most popular style in season.”

Vanessa Xie

Xinyue Li’s Instagram page

“I can’t say how much time I use these social media,” Li said. “Because I think I am living with them every day. Every morning, after I wake up, the first thing I do is open my phone and check all new updates. During the day, once I get time, I will spend it on my phone.”

Li also mentioned that she likes to watch fashion bloggers’ shopping sharing to find some fashion “inspiring.” Sometimes, she might decide to purchase the same products just because “they look good on that blogger.”

“Unlike Hollywood stars, those online celebrities would usually choose more affordable and easy-to-wear clothes, which makes me feel more close and approachable,” Li explained.

Xin Wen, who owns her own online clothing shop focusing on international students, said, “You should not underestimate the fashion trends on social media: Online celebrities create rigid stereotypes and body image for all social media users, even if it seems not that ‘high fashion.’ But this also brought them lots of profit.”

Wen says traffic monetizing has already become a common topic on social media. “In each online shop, there are some popular clothes, which look very similar because it might be copied from an online celebrities’ looking,” she said. “And this piece would definitely be sold faster than others.”

Before Wen replenishes products from her factory, she will create an Excel form to compare the most popular elements on social media and use online celebrities photos as a product example.

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