Skin issues caused by winter weather

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Michigan’s winter has come, followed with months of snow and windy days. People are starting to spend more time indoors to avoid the terrible weather. Some people might already have started to notice there are variety skin problems caused by the change of weather, such as dryness, itching and redness.

“I do not enjoy Michigan’s winter that much,” Qiuyi Yang, an international student from Chengdu China complained. “I grow up in a warm and humid city,” so even after four years, “my body still not used to Michigan’s weather.”

Yang said, due to the dryness, her face tended to lose the balance of water and oil, at the same time her face might get redness.

“Every winter, the skin on my arms also gets itching. But if I went back to Chengdu, all the discomfort just gone without any treatment.”

Although Yang tried several different skin care products to hydrate her skin and set a humidifier in her bedroom, they can only help relieve the symptoms temperately.

“Dry skin is a big problem in Michigan, so how to get the nice balance of moisture and oil of the skin is a theme in winter,” said by Terry Schaberg, who worked in Sephora as a beauty specialist.

Under this circumstance, Schaberg believes it is important to find a good skincare routine: a gentle cleanser, an ideal toner and a good moisturizer, and serums or essences can boost the hydration factor of moisturizer.

Schaberg pointed out that exfoliating is a crucial step in skincare, because it helps to remove the dead skin and let skincare products be absorb better.

“If you do not exfoliate, your skin will build up with dead skin cells, so any moisturizer or treatment you are using are not penetrating into the skin,” she explained. “So that would be like trying to put lotion on clothes.”

Schaberg also mentioned the itching of skin could be a symptom of dryness, but it might also be some other medical condition.

“Because when you get dry, your skin may get tight, chapped or almost like the skin was broken a little bit,” Schaberg said. “So it is more sensitive.”

Talking about the condition which Yang was facing, Schaberg said it is normal because her skin is already used to a humid environment.

“Skin will react, so it is important to change to a good skincare routine, to help it adapt to the environment.”


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