Q&A with Greek a life member

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Alina Zhuravel is a sophomore at Michigan State and is a part of the sorority Chi Omega. I talked with Alina because I wanted to explore the ins and outs of the possible stigmas when being a part of Greek Life.

This could include the persona that many may give off to outsiders, style and “looks” they’re expected to keep up with, if they feel pressure along with it, and why these things play a factor in Greek life.

1. Why did you decide to join Greek Life?

I honestly decided to join Greek life because of the movie “Legally Blonde.” Elle Woods was bold, smart and motivated to become a lawyer. Throughout her journey, her sorority sisters were by her side. She gave me a positive view on a sorority girl. I also love how being in Greek life makes a college campus so much smaller. For example, if I sit in class next to someone wearing their letters, we instantly have something to talk about. Lastly, I’m proud to be a part of all the philanthropy work that Greek life does.

2. What are the different stigmas that come along with being in Greek Life?

The only one I hear is that there is a lot of partying.

3. Do you ever feel there’s a certain way you constantly have to present yourself just because you’re in a sorority?

Personally, I do try to represent myself as best as possible but that has nothing to do with my sorority. It is just how I am.

4. What types of pressures do you ever feel on a daily basis?

Chi Omega sorority house, courtesy of Alina Zhuravel.

Freshman year, I felt more pressured to go out than if I was not in a sorority. This is because I was so excited about the opportunities I had to meet so many different people and create memories. I definitely had to learn time management in this situation. Since I am a sophomore now, I feel better saying no to things when I know I need to study or if I’d rather just stay in. However, I still do love going out and meeting new people.

5. Do you ever feel like you’re in a competition with the other girls in your sorority and there’s a certain criteria you have to live up to?

I never feel like I am in competition with anyone.

6. What’s one thing you wish you could change about the way those not in a sorority/fraternity view Greek life?

One thing I wish I could change about how people who Greek life is the stigma that all we do is go out and never study. In my sorority, there is a scholarship where all your dues are paid for if you get a 4.0 GPA. Each semester, there are many girls who achieve this. When people hear that academics are celebrated in Greek life, they tend to change their beliefs on this stereotype.

7. Why do you think sorority girls dressing similar is so prevalent in Greek Life? Do you ever wish there was more uniqueness spread throughout?

I think sorority girls dress similarly because it establishes unity. It also makes for cute Instagram pictures. I definitely do wish there was more uniqueness but I never feel pressured to dress a certain way. If I wanted to wear something different, I could confidently do it.

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